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Automation Systems


Utilizing the assets of MELSEC-Q series and conventional products, they contribute to customer's productivity improvement, making tact time shorter with more advanced performance and functionality.

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The forth generation's Micro PLCs. It has been newly redesigned as "MELSEC iQ-F series" with bus speed up and improvement of CPU performance.

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Human-Machine lnterfaces(HMI)

The Graphic operation terminal series features clear vision, excellent processing performance, and wide variations of lineup. They are still being improved to achieve the satisfactions of designers, setup operators, and maintenance operators.

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AC Servos

The general-purpose AC servo system is the combination of servo amplifier and servo motor designed to help different kinds of operations including machine positioning, and speed and torque controlling. It has a remarkable feature that realizes a quick and highly-accurate motion by checking and feeding back its own operation status to avoid a time lag from the command input.

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Variable-Frequency Drives

Wide range of lineup from compact and low-capacity type to large capacity type. The inverters are the variable voltage and frequency power units designed to flexibly select the rotation speed of the three-phase induction motor. They ensure the optimum selections and the highest level of driving performance for various applications.

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Drive Equipment(manufactured by TMEIC)

We offer highly efficient and reliable AC drive equipment from 1KVA to over 50MVA for various industrial applications.

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Motion Controllers

The servo system controller enables the high-speed and high-accuracy drive control of different kinds of industrial machinery. The high-speed dedicated network SSCNET(III) is used for the connection to servo amplifier and vector inverter. It supports wide range of systematization from stand-alone machine to line machine.

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Software MELSOFT

With plenty of functions and user-friendly design, the general software MELSOFT greatly improves work efficiency in all areas from the four viewpoints of "design", "debugging", "operation" and "maintenance".

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Industrial Robots

The industrial robot "MELFA" series works effectively in the transportation task of liquid crystal substrate and semiconductor wafer, the assembly and inspection work of electronic components and such other works. It helps total realization in automating production equipment and creating high value-added products.

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