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Products Lineup

  • Power Distribution
  • FA System
  • Visual Equipments
  • Semiconductors
    • Industrial use product
    • Liquid crystal related product
    • High frequency and optical device
    • Others
  • Parts & Materials

Semiconductors & Electronic Devices

With an advanced technology and rich lineups Mitsubishi semiconductors meet the needs evolving with the times. Setsuyo Astec provides optimum system solution in various areas while developing unique and attractive products. Setsuyo Astec makes a commitment to satisfy your integrated requirements covering from system development to the delivery support.

  • Industrial use productPower Modules, Thylistor & Diode Modules, Digital IGBT Driver, Hall Cuttent Sensor, Snubber Module, Converter Module, Dilde Module, Aluminum Electrolysis Condenser, IGBT Driver Unit, Cooling Fan, Axial Flow Fan
  • Liquid crystal related productA Liquid Crystal Module, Touch Panel, Inverter
  • High frequency and optical deviceGaAs High Frequency Device, High Frequency SiRF Device, Fiber Optic Device
  • Our recommended product
  • Semiconductor and electronic device

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