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Privacy Policy

Setsuyo Astec Corporation (hereinafter “Setsuyo Astec”) shall work to protect personal information in accordance with the following basic policy:

During the course of our business operations, we acquire various information from our customers and stakeholders. Understanding that personal information as the valuable asset of each individual, we recognize one of our corporate social responsibilities is to ensure the appropriate protection and accurate, safe handling of personal information handled in our business operations in accordance with the law.

1.Objective of personal information protection

Setsuyo Astec’s objective is to protect the rights and interests of each individual while ensuring the availability and accurate and effective use of personal information.

2.Purpose of use for personal information

Setsuyo Astec use personal information only when necessary for business execution and only within the scope of the purpose of use explicitly informed to the individual. Furthermore, we implement necessary measures to prevent use outside the scope of the purpose of use.

3.Obtaining personal information

Setsuyo Astec obtain personal information via legal and fair methods. When directly acquiring information from the individual, we receive consent after explicitly indicating the purpose of use and other necessary matters.

4.Personal information disclosure and provision

Setsuyo Astec obtain consent from the individual prior to disclosing or providing personal information to a third party in relation to outsourced tasks or collaborative work.

5.Personal information handling

(1) Compliance with personal information protection laws and regulations
Setsuyo Astec adhere to laws, government guidelines, and other regulations related to personal information protection.
(2) Preventing personal information leaks, loss, or destruction (safe management measures, etc.), and matters concerning corrections
Setsuyo Astec implement practical safety countermeasures and safe management measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information or the loss, destruction, modification, or leaks of personal information. We conduct annual audits of all divisions involved in the handling of personal information and implement corrective action as necessary. Through these audits, we reconfirm the latest information leak risks or issues in all divisions and make improvements towards preventing the occurrence of similar incidents.
(3) Formulation and implementation of a compliance program concerning the protection of personal information
Setsuyo Astec has formulated a compliance program concerning the protection of personal information so as to implement this personal information protection policy, and familiarizes all company personnel (including officers, regular employees and temporary employees) with this policy through training, and work constantly to improve and maintain the program.

6.Handling of personally identifying information

Setsuyo Astec may inform individuals of the purpose of use and obtain consent in cases where our website or other media handles personally identifying information such as location information, IP address, or Cookie information.

7.Response to inquiries from individuals

Setsuyo Astec respond without delay to all requests from individuals concerning personal information, including requests for information disclosure, correction, deletion, or termination of use. Furthermore, we respond immediately to all inquiries concerning personal information, including complaints and consultations. We also work to ensure all personal information is accurate and up to date.

Enacted: March 15, 2005
Revised: April 3,2023
Setsuyo Astec Corporation
President & CEO: Hisao Hanaoka

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