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Products Lineup

  • Power Distribution
  • FA System
  • Visual Equipments
  • Semiconductors
    • Industrial use product
    • Liquid crystal related product
    • High frequency and optical device
    • Others
  • Parts & Materials

Semiconductors・Electronic Devices

Industrial use product

Growing awareness of global warming, for saving energy we widely utilize inverter in the fields from home appliances to industrial equipment. We propose to supply "a kit solution", which is mainly consisted of Mitsubishi power module including peripheral passive and active components.

Liquid crystal related product

We suggest you Mitsubishi Electric's high quality core parts "TFT-LCD module", with peripheral parts including touch panel, inverter and cables as a kit solution matched on your needs. We recommend them for industrial equipments use which needs long-term supply and a wide temperature range guarantee and reliable high quality.

High frequency and optical device

In the field of communication that continues evolving drastically, infrastructure machinery and terminal machinery always demand high efficiency and reliable devices. We provide you key devices which are necessary for high frequency wireless communication and optical communication to support information-technology age by Mitsubishi Electric's reliable product lineup and Group Company's high technology.

Our recommended product

Security USB memory can set data encryption,
equipped with virus protection security feature
Security USB memory>>

UV-LED COB has the highest irradiance world wide with multiple directivity.

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