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■2010 (2010/1 - 12)

GUNZE (TAIWAN) LIMITED appreciated SEC success in sales of their Touch Panel

On December 21, 2010, a letter of Appreciation was given to Setsuyo Enterprise Corporation (SEC) by GUNZE (TAIWAN) LIMITED, who had appreciated major order of their "Projective Capacitive type Touch Panel" for Tablet PC use.
SEC are now focusing on smartphone market where they expect its growth will be the most expanded in near future.

Setsuyo Enterprise Corporation Electronic Division Display team

MR. Shunji Koike, General Manager, Gunze (Taiwan) Limited

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2010 DISPLAY WALL Exhibition in Korea

Seoul, October 12. We held an exhibition featuring the latest model of "Mitsubishi" DLPRDATA DISPLAY WALL at Imperial Palace Hotel.
As duration of LED light source is 80,000 hours and its usable period for 9 years at a maximum, it leads to reduce cost of expendables.
This latest DISPLAY WALL equipped eco-mode is the next generations of environmentally concerned product reducing power consumption.
Over 150 participants from 100 companies had a chance to closely look at the new model and ask technical questions.
At the same time we displayed 7000lm and 3D projectors, which attracted people attended.
With this exhibition as an opportunity, we aim to increase DISPLAY WALL market share in Korea.

*DLP is the registered trademark of Texas Instruments Inc.

Mr. Toshiya Iwanaga, Deputy General Manager, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Kyoto Works

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The presentation ceremony of Mitsubishi Electric FA products at Technological University of the Philippines Visayas

August 6th, 2010. Supported by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, we presented six sets of Q-PLC and FX-PLC as well as 20 sets of inverters to Technological University of the Philippines Visayas. This is the first time Mitsubishi FA products were brought to Philippine Educational Institute as training material.
Since manufacturing process is becoming automated in Philippine industry, we hope this presentation will make technical specialists of Mitsubishi FA products grow and bring further industrial development in Philippines. The ceremony was held with more than two hundred people from the university, President and Technical Manager of IFA the Agency of Mitsubishi FA products in Philippines, Mr. Fujisawa, Manager of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and three members from us.
This University, one of the most advanced technical schools in Philippines, has many campuses around the country both in Manila and many other cities with approximately 10,000 students in total.


Mr. Olympio V. Caparas, Ed.D, President, Technological University of the Philippines
Ms. Ma, Lenofor F. Validor, Rh.D, Director, Technological University of the Philippines Visayas Campus
Mr. Fujisawa, Group reader, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Overseas Marketing Dept. FA Systems Division
Mr. Albert W. Wang, President, Integrated Factory Automation Inc.
Mr. Ibarra Concepcion, Technical Manager, Integrated Factory Automation Inc.

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MELSEC-F Series sales in Taiwan reached 10 million celebrations

July 22, 2010, Setsuyo Enterprise Co., Ltd.(SEC) celebrated sales of Mitsubishi Electric micro sequencer "MELSEC-F Series" in Taiwan had reached over 10 million sets, which is very first achievement in overseas market.
At the cerebration, SEC invited 21 Sales Agents and 2 sales representatives from Mitsubishi Electric Corporation FA Systems Overseas Marketing Group and Himeji Works Industrial Machine Marketing Group. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation expressed deep appreciation and future expectation. Taiwan Market remains favorable condition with their mainstream industry FPD and semiconductor. Since it is expected as a big step forward to the market of China because of conclusion of ECFA, this celebration became very good time to lead further sales promotion.
Mitsubishi Electric presented memorial plaques to the Sales Agents with gratitude, and the ceremony was closed in friendly atmosphere.

Setsuyo Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Mr. Cheng, Tung-Liang, Vice President, Shihlin Electric & Engineering Corporation 
Mr. Chueh, Chigo Chairman, Fapro Enterprise Co., Ltd. 
Mr. Lin, Ken, Chairman, Chiang Ly Trading Co., Ltd.
Mr. Wang, Yi-Jen, President, Metop Functions Co., Ltd.
Mr. Can, Jonson, President, Evertak Technology Co., Ltd.
Mr. Liao, Wen-Hsien, President, Two-Way Trading Corp.
Mr. Tseng, Robber, President, Han Way Technology 
Mr. Wang, Hsiao-Wen, President, Facon Engineering Co., Ltd.
Mr. Kobayashi, Yutaka, Division-Manager, Mitsubishi Electric Himeji Works 
Mr. Hayano, Satoshi, Mitsubishi Electric Overseas Marketing Dept

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Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) Programing contest was held in Indonesia

February 23-24, 2010, the PLC programming contest was held at ITB supported by Mitsubishi Electric and PT. Autoteknindo. This is the third contest since 2007. The number of participating teams has increased year by year. This competition had 221 teams from 59 universities in all of the country, and staged the exciting battles over 2 days. As the result, a team from ITB won, and received a trophy from Mr. Matsushita of Mitsubishi Electric. ITB is one of the most superior Universities of technology in Indonesia, and has turned out a lot of graduates to political and public positions. We will continue to support on a long-term basis, including the competition, and grow specialists of Mitsubishi FA products. Also, the PLC training kits which were used at the competition were gifted from Mitsubishi Electric, PT.Autoteknindo and Setsuyo Astec.

Setsuyo Astec Corporation Jakarta Representative Office

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Factory Automation Systems group
Mr. Matsushita General Manager
PT. Autoteknindo Mr. Johan Sale's dept Director

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