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■2020 (2020/1 - 12)

Third e-F@ctory Alliance General Meeting, in Taiwan(Feb 3rd,2020updated)

Setsuyo Enterprise in cooperation with Mitsubishi Electric Taiwan held the Third e-F@ctory Alliance General Meeting at a hotel in Taichung on December 11, 2020,

245 people from 95 industrial, governmental and academic companies/bodies in Taiwan attended the meeting. There were reports on the e-F@ctory Alliance’s current activities in the global market, and presentations on Edgecross, the edge computing software platform from Japan that integrates FA and IT, and on the brand-new Maisart AI technology from Mitsubishi Electric that improves utilization rate and enables preventive maintenance. There were also demonstrations by partner companies at the General Meeting of equipment being used in conjunction with Mitsubishi Electric’s FA products, and opportunities provided for partner companies to talk business with each other.

We will continue to strengthen ties with various partner enterprises possessed of advanced technology and a wealth of expertise, and provide solutions that are tailored to demand.


<Businesses that provided demo equipment and solutions>
(Taiwan)Mechavision Inc., Solomon Technology Corporation, New Type Infortech Co.,Ltd.,
     Guboa Technology Co.,Ltd,Moxa Inc., Dassault Systemes K.K.,Taiwan Branch
(Japan)Soft Servo Systems, Inc

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Booths Operated at FA Trade Fairs in Taiwan(Oct 2nd,2020updated)

Setsuyo Enterprise operated joint booths with Mitsubishi Electric Taiwan at the Taipei Int'l Industrial Automation Exhibition 2020 held in Taipei in August 2020, at which we provided practical solution demonstrations with e-F@ctory and Mitsubishi Electric's latest FA equipment as IoT solutions for the smart-machinery that the government of Taiwan is advocating.

Setsuyo Enterprise was among the more than 700 companies with a booth at the Exhibition.
On display was our latest CC-Link IE TSN network, our latest FA devices, real-time demonstrations of our devices, and robot-based productivity solutions. In addition to displays of Mitsubishi Electric products, there were also seminars presenting Mitsubishi Electric-related technology and products, under 14 different themes. Furthermore, e-F@ctory Alliance companies, local Taiwan partners, and overseas partners of Mitsubishi Electric also showcased solutions. This outreach was well received by attendees.

Both organizers and participants, including Setsuyo Enterprises, made the utmost effort to prevent any infection by COVID-19. Thoroughgoing measures were put in place for attendees, which included limiting visitor numbers, taking visitors' body temperature and recording their names, requiring the wearing of a mask, and having alcohol-based disinfectant available at the venue, resulting in an incident-free exhibition.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the many people who visited our booths.


<e-F@ctory Alliance Partners That Supported the Booths>
PATLITE Corporation, Chuan Yuan Information Co.,Ltd., Jening Automation Company, Moxa Inc.,
Orisol Taiwan Ltd.,  The Corporate Synergy Development Center (CSD)

<Businesses That Supported the Booths>
(Taiwan) KER-TAI Co., Ltd., Mechavision Inc., Raise Precision Co., Ltd., Wei Mao Precision Co., Ltd.
(Overseas) Anywire Corporation(Japan), Akribis Systems Pte Ltd.(Singapore), Soft Servo Systems, Inc.(Japan)

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Exhibition of LED related products in Tokyo(Mar 24th,2020updated)

Our group jointly operated a booth with High Power Lighting Corp. (HPL), Taiwan, showcasing our UVC-LED and other related products at the LED Japan 2020 exhibition of technical exhibition for DUV market and application of LED, held at the Tokyo Big Sight, in January 29th -31st, 2020.

At this exhibition, we showcased UVC-LEDs of the BIORAYTRON brand of HPL and related products (power sources, heat sinks, etc.).
The product presentations were carried out in an easy-to-understand manner with the use of demonstration equipment, all of which was highly acclaimed by the representatives of LED irradiation unit manufacturers and operating a booth left us in an upbeat mood enhanced by the deep interest of the many visitors

With the increase in demand, expectations are running high for expanding the use of UVC-LED products as light sources in the fields of medical care and inspections, our group will continue with its business activities, further actively promoting to our customers in close cooperation with High Power Lighting Corp. (HPL).


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