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■2020 (2020/1 - 12)

Exhibition of LED related products in Tokyo

Our group jointly operated a booth with High Power Lighting Corp. (HPL), Taiwan, showcasing our UVC-LED and other related products at the LED Japan 2020 exhibition of technical exhibition for DUV market and application of LED, held at the Tokyo Big Sight, in January 29th -31st, 2020.

At this exhibition, we showcased UVC-LEDs of the BIORAYTRON brand of HPL and related products (power sources, heat sinks, etc.).
The product presentations were carried out in an easy-to-understand manner with the use of demonstration equipment, all of which was highly acclaimed by the representatives of LED irradiation unit manufacturers and operating a booth left us in an upbeat mood enhanced by the deep interest of the many visitors

With the increase in demand, expectations are running high for expanding the use of UVC-LED products as light sources in the fields of medical care and inspections, our group will continue with its business activities, further actively promoting to our customers in close cooperation with High Power Lighting Corp. (HPL).


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