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■2023 (2023/1 - 12)

Laos Ceremonies Held for Donations of Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation Equipment to Faculty of Engineering, National University of Laos, and its Polytechnic College(Dec 25th,2023updated)

On two days, on October 30 and 31, 2023, Mitsubishi Electric FX-PLCs, inverters, HMIs-GOTs, AC servos, etc. were gifted to the Faculty of Engineering (FEN) at the National University of Laos in Vientiane, the capital, and Mitsubishi Electric FX-PLCs were gifted to the university’s Polytechnic College. This was made possible with the cooperation of the Factory Automation Systems Group of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, and they will be used as teaching materials for specialist education.

Ceremonies on a grand scale were held on both days, at each site, for the handover. These were several dozen people attended by related persons from both schools, our local agent Arounkit Corporation, and Setsuyo Astec.

The gifts of this FA equipment were designed to help train engineers who will contribute to the industrial development of Laos. This marks the second such donation of Mitsubishi Electric FA equipment to the National University of Laos, following one in June 2018. Along with the gifting of teaching materials, explanations about the devices and technical instruction provided a chance for communication with faculty and students.

The National University of Laos is located in the Laotian capital of Vientiane. It is both the country’s largest national university, and its most advanced provider of technical education.
As a university that trains engineers who can play key roles in a range of industries both at home and abroad, it trains competent engineers through practical education as well as theoretical, and supports the country’s industrial development.

Along with expecting to see these donations contributing to the industrial development of Laos, Setsuyo Astec will continue to contribute to supporting these schools.


The donation ceremony to Faculty of Engineering,
National University of Laos,

The donation ceremony to
Polytechnic College

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Exhibit at PCIM Asia 2023 in Shanghai(Oct 20th,2023updated)

Our Group operated a joint booth with Kohshin Electric Corporation at Power Conversion, Intelligent Motion (PCIM) Asia 2023 held in Shanghai in August 2023. This exhibition in the field of energy management is an exhibition of the largest scale in China specializing in power electronics and their applications. Not having been held in the past few years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s exhibition was a huge success and drew many visitors from all over the world.

At the exhibition booth, exhibits centered on Kohshin Electric’s industrial and automotive current sensors, and also included Mitsubishi Electric’s power devices and other relevant key components. We also undertook promotion using touch screens made by DMC Co., Ltd. and TFT demonstration devices of TOPPAN Inc. and showcased VCSEL panel displays made by CITIZEN ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. Mutual synergy through this joint exhibition with Kohshin Electric drew diverse visitors to the booth.

We felt significant response in operating a booth at the exhibition as it allowed us to communicate with people who came to the booth, further deepening their understanding about the features of products we handle. With this exhibition as a foothold, we will continue to offer proposals of products handled by us in China’s market and collaborate with partner companies to contribute to the industrial development of China.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the many people who visited our booth.


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Booths Operated at FA Trade Fair in Taiwan(Oct 13rd,2023updated)

Setsuyo Enterprise operated booths at two exhibitions in Taipei— the 2023 Taipei Int’l Industrial Automation Exhibition (“Automation TAIPEI”), and SEMICON Taiwan 2023 held in September—where we showcased Mitsubishi Electric’s latest factory automation equipment as well as technologies and solution demonstrations using actual equipment and visual footage.

At Automation Taipei 2023 (August 23 to 26), we set up joint booths with Mitsubishi Electric Taiwan, based on the theme of “Automating the World—Smart Manufacturing,” working together with four e-F@ctory Alliance partners and five robot system integrators to introduce Mitsubishi Electric’s latest technologies and industrial solutions as well as the Mitsubishi Electric Group’s initiatives toward the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We set up a consultation desk for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues within our booth and proposed solutions to companies interested in saving energy and carbon neutrality. For our regular technological presentations at our booth, which had approximately 4,000 visitors, we showcased not only Mitsubishi Electric but also examples of collaboration with partner companies. We also spoke at the “2023 New Product and Technology Presentation” and was well received.

In September, we exhibited at SEMICON Taipei (September 6 to 8), with government officials and people from the semiconductor industry visiting our booth. Together with two manufacturers of equipment related to semiconductor manufacturing, we introduced Mitsubishi Electric’s excellent factory automation equipment and examples of solutions, and our exhibits included equipment and safety devices that comply with the SECS/GEM software standard defined by SEMI as well as Anywire’s wire-saving products.

Setsuyo Enterprise is celebrating our 50th anniversary this year. We will continue to ingrain ourselves into the Taiwan market, listen to the requests of users, and contribute to the development of Taiwan’s industry through proposing Mitsubishi Electric’s factory automation equipment and collaborating in sales with partner companies.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the many people who visited our booths.


<“Automation Taipei” e-F@ctory Alliance Partners>(Taiwan)
TXOne Networks Inc. / AltoStar Technology Co., Ltd. / CYBERNET SYSTEMS TAIWAN CO., LTD. /

<“Automation Taipei” Businesses That Supported the Booths>(Taiwan)
Mechavision Inc., / Wei Mao Precision Co., Ltd., / Song Da Seiki CO., LTD. /
YU PING AUTOMATIOM TECH CO., LTD./ Solomon Technology Corporation

<“SEMICON Taiwan” Businesses That Supported the Booths>(Taiwan)
ELS System Technology Co., Ltd. / IDEC TAIWAN CORPORATION

<“Automation Taipei” , “SEMICON Taiwan” Businesses That Supported the Booths>(Japan)
Anywire Corporation

Automation TAIPEI


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Booths Operated at the Touch Taiwan - Smart Manufacturing Taiwan 2023
(May 24th,2023updated)

Setsuyo Enterprise operated booths at Touch Taiwan - Smart Manufacturing Taiwan 2023
, held in April 2023 at the Nangang Exhibition Center in Taipei, showcasing Mitsubishi Electric’s latest FA equipment and practical solution demos.

At the exhibition, we set up our booth based on Mitsubishi Electric’s new slogan for its Factory Automation Systems business, “Automating the World.” This slogan expresses the desire to contribute toward realizing a more prosperous society by supporting the transformation of our customers through the latest automation technologies. We demonstrated software such as Gemini, which contributes toward digital transformation in the manufacturing industry as a product that allows results to be simulated in a digital space; MaiLab, which uses artificial intelligence in manufacturing to allow data utilization without the need for specialized knowledge; and GENESIS64, which provides supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) to support our customers’ improvement of their corporate activities. At our booth, we welcomed many visitors primarily from the display industry and received a positive response.

In addition, besides Mitsubishi Electric’s factory automation controllers and drive products as well as the wiring-saving solutions from Group company Anywire, we also introduced the history of Setsuyo Enterprise. We are celebrating our 50th anniversary this year, and we wish to express our appreciation to everyone who has supported us so far. At the same time, we will continue to contribute to the development of Taiwan’s display industry.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the many people who visited our booths.


<Businesses That Supported the Booths>
(Japan) Anywire Corporation

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Exhibit at IPF 2023 in Bangladesh(Mar 27th,2023updated)

For four days from February 22 to 25, 2023, we exhibited at the 15th Bangladesh International Plastics, Packaging and Printing Industry Fair ("IPF 2023") held at the International Convention City Bashundhara (ICCB) in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

IPF 2023 is an international exhibition related to plastic products, packaging, and printing originating from Bangladesh. This is the 15th iteration of the exhibition. Approximately 570 companies from 21 countries around the world took part in the exhibition this time, with approximately 24,000 visitors including those from overseas.

Our exhibit showcased a wide variety of factory automation equipment from Mitsubishi Electric, such as sequencers, inverters, and human-machine interfaces (HMI), and power distribution/control equipment from Mitsubishi Electric, such as no fuse circuit breakers and electric-magnetic switches. Also, with the cooperation of Mitsubishi Electric, we screened a promotional video for the Mitsubishi Electric e-F@ctory at our booth.
There were many visitors to our booth, mainly from the plastic products, packaging, and printing sectors, and we received favorable feedback.

We hope to contribute to the further development of industry in Bangladesh by offering e-F@ctory, Mitsubishi Electric factory automation equipment and power distribution/control equipment on the Bangladeshi market and partnering with Bangladeshi businesses.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the many people who visited our booths.


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Fourth e-F@ctory alliance General Meeting, in Taiwan (Mar 15th,2023updated)

Setsuyo Enterprise in cooperation with Mitsubishi Electric Taiwan held the Fourth e-F@ctory Alliance General Meeting at a hotel in the Banqiao District of New Taipei City on February 16, 2023. This event was held for the first time in approximately two years in the post-COVID-19 era.

The meeting was attended by 122 people from 82 industrial, governmental and academic companies/bodies in Taiwan. There were reports on the e-F@ctory Alliance’s current activities in the global market, and presentations on the evolution of manufacturing frontlines and solving of social issues under the theme of digital manufacturing, implementation of the Maisart AI technology, use of digital twins, Smart Manufacturing Kaizen Level (SMKL), and other topics. In addition, there were also demonstrations by partner companies of equipment being used in conjunction with Mitsubishi Electric’s factory automation products, and opportunities provided for partner companies to conduct business negotiations with each other.

We will continue to strengthen ties with various partner enterprises possessed of advanced technology and a wealth of expertise, and provide solutions that are tailored to demand.


<Businesses that provided demo equipment and solutions>
Moxa Inc., Dassault Systemes K.K.,Taiwan Branch, IDEC Taiwan Corporation,
Marubun Taiwan,Inc.

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